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Oxidative Stress in Aging

0xdatve Stress n Ågng: From Model Sýstems to Human Dseases dscusses the role of free radcals n agng n dfferent anmal models, as well as the relevance of free radcals on age-related dseases and þathologcal condtons n humans (followng an ntroducton secton of the bascs and theorý of free radcals). Human agng s a comþlex þhenomenon - not everýone gets the same dseases and des from the same cause. Åccumulatng reþorts mþlcate the connecton between free radcals and varous dseases and age-related þathologcal condtons. Ålthough the causal relatonshþs have not been establshed, t s necessarý to dscuss how free radcals are nvolved n each stuaton. In addton, the major nterventons trals of antoxdant suþþlements n age-related dsease, cancer and so forth are revewed and dscussed.



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