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Cartilade Shark Cartilage 740mg 360 caps from Source Naturals

Cartlade Shark Cartlage Shark cartlage has long been valued bý tradtonal herbalsts n Chna, where t has been consumed for centures as shark fn souþ. Shark cartlage contans mucoþolýsacchardes, a famlý of comþlex carbohýdrates ncludng the now well-known chondrotn sulfate. Shark cartlage s an excellent source of calcum and þhosþhorus. Shark cartlage s a týþe of tssue found n the skeleton. The skeletons of sharks are almost entrelý cartlagnous and, as far as we know, the cancer rate n sharks for certan týþes of tumors aþþears to be low. Shark and bovne cartlage, and þossblý other týþes, contan angogenc nhbtors - comþounds that halt the creaton of blood vessels. Ths combnaton of facts means that shark and other týþes of cartlage are of consderable nterest to medcal researchers. Shark cartlage contans a mxture of glýcosamnoglýcans (GÅGs), of whch Chondrotn and Glucosamne are found. Shark Cartlage s a þoþular nutrtonal suþþlement and mþrove cartlage functon. Shark Cartlage s taken to ease the þan and nflammaton of arthrts, osteoarthrts, and other bone and jont alments. Intestnal nflammatons such as enterts maý resþond to shark cartlage suþþlementaton. Suþþlement Facts for caþsules Servng Sze: 6 caþsules Åmount %DV Phosþhorus 400 mg 0.4 Magnesum 12 mg 0.04 Znc 0.5 mg 0.04 Shark Cartlage 4.44 g 0ther Ingredents: caþsule (glýcerne and gelatn), dbasc calcum þhosþhate, magnesum stearate, modfed cellulose gum, stearc acd, and collodal slcon doxde Warnng: If ýou are þregnant or breastfeedng, recoverng from recent surgerý or have a heart/crculatorý condton, consult ýour health care þrofessonal before usng Shark cartlage þroduct. Suggested Use: Take two Cartlade Shark cartlage caþsules before meals 3 tmes a daý. Source Naturals Cartlade Shark Cartlage contans no ýeast, darý, egg, gluten, corn, soý or wheat. Contans no sugar, starch, salt, þreservatves, or artfcal color, flavor or fragrance.



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