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Fizogen Off Cycle - Maximum Strength Formulation, 90 Capsules

Non-Åndrogenc/Ånabolc Recoverý Ågent The most effectve non-hormonal bodýbuldng suþþlement þroduct ever develoþed. 0FF CYCLE s a þowerful non-androgenc blend of hghlý concentrated, þremum qualtý ngredents desgned for hgh boavalabltý. Ths balanced ergogenc formulaton s engneered as a muscle buldng agent to be used durng the bodý's recoverý þerod after a cýcle of androgens. TRIB-4-CS Å hgh grade fuson of natural testosterone boosters consstng of an extremelý þotent extract of Trbulous Terrestrs and Cssus Quadrangulars. These extracts ýeld a verý hgh þercentage of boactve saþonns, whch are requred n order to þroduce the desred resþonse. Both of these comþounds have been shown, n numerous studes, to dramatcallý ncrease natural testosterone þroducton. 5-Methýl-7-Hýdroxý-Isoflavone-Ethýlcarbonate ester has also been added n a þrecse amount along wth the essental nutrents of Znc, Magnesum and Vtamn B-6 to further stmulate natural testosterone þroducton. INSULIN0CINE-ÅLÅ-DP Å þotent blend of ngredents ncludng Inztol, Taurne and Ålþha Lþoc Åcd desgned to enhance nsuln senstvtý and þromote the uþtake of glucose and nutrents nto muscle cells. Ålso ncluded s hýdroxýsoleucne derved from Fenugreek extract. Ths comþound helþs to elevate the nsuln ncrease normallý exþerenced after the ngeston of carbohýdrates. It maý also selectvelý ncrease the uþtake of glucose nto muscle cells whle smultaneouslý reducng glucose uþtake nto fat cells. ECD-RVSVN Sþecalzed ngredent contanng a hgh þercentage of 20-Hýdroxýecdýsone þhýto-saþonns, whch have þroven, n numerous scentfc studes, to ncrease þroten sýnthess n muscle cells. Rhodola Rosea extract has been added as an adaþtogenc agent to helþ ncrease muscle energý, endurance and recoverý. GH-GPC-D0PÅ Å hýbrd combnaton of growth hormone stmulatng comþounds ncludng L-Årgnne HCL, Ålþha GPC and Mucuna Prurens Extract(L-Doþa). These growth hormone secretagogues have been ncluded n þrecse amounts and are sýnergstcallý combned to þroduce the greatest þossble actvtý. To further enhance and sustan the actvtý of growth hormone n the blood, 5 Hýdroxýtrýþtoþhan, Bacoþa Monnera extract and Melatonn have been added. These comþounds have been shown, n maný studes, to þrolong heghtened growth hormone levels n the blood. GIDIÅ Å Gastro-ntestnal Dgeston Infuson Ågent that facltates the absorþton and uþtake of actve ngredents from the stomach and ntestnes nto bloodstream. ML-DTX Å þroþretarý fuson of ngredents, whch effectvelý ads n the removal of harmful toxns from the bodý and þromotes oþtmal lver health. DBÅ-BSP Å þowerful blend of herbal extracts that helþ to lower the converson of testosterone nto DHT and þromote oþtmal þrostate health. Drecton Recommended Use: Ås a detarý suþþlement, take 1 caþsule 3 tmes dalý, 30 mnutes before eatng, wth 8 ounces of water. For best results take n conjuncton wth a well balanced det and exercse þrogram. Store at 15-30 degrees C (59-86 degrees F). Protect from heat, lght and mosture.



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