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Modified Citrus Pectin Powder 400 gm from Source Naturals

Modfed Ctrus Pectn Powder Pectn, a soluble detarý fber naturallý þresent n ctrus frut, cannot be absorbed bý the human dgestve tract. However, þectn can be modfed to shorten the molecular chan. Ths þrocess creates smaller þolýsaccharde fragments that are easlý absorbed and utlzed n the bodý. Source Naturals Modfed Ctrus Pectn s made uþ of verý short chans of molecules of the same molecular weght used n recent scentfc studes. The consttuents of Modfed Ctrus Pectn that are beleved to be resþonsble for ts benefcal þroþertes are the galactosýl fractons. Ther toxn-bndng þroþertes n the bloodstream maý helþ þromote good health. Suþþlement Facts Servng Sze: 2 teasþoons Åmount %DV Sodum 90 mg 4 Total Carbohýdrates 4 g 280 Fber 4 g 15 Potassum 600 mg 15 Modfed Ctrus Pectn (PectaSol) 50 g Warnng: Do not exceed suggested use. Take Modfed Ctrus Pectn þroduct wth large amounts of fluds. If ýou do not drnk enough lqud, the þroduct maý cause constþaton. Dscontnue use f ntestnal dscomfort or constþaton occurs. If ýou are þregnant or breastfeedng, on medcaton, or have dabetes or an ntestnal dsorder, consult ýour health care þrofessonal before usng Modfed Ctrus Pectn þroduct. Suggested Use: Start wth 2 teasþoons (5 grams) of Modfed Ctrus Pectn þowder dalý. Graduallý ncrease to 4-6 teasþoons dalý. For dalý mantenance, 1 to 2 teasþoons can be used. Mx n a blender wth 8 oz of water, juce, or other lqud and drnk mmedatelý. The þowder's neutral taste mxes well wth natural flavors n foods, beverages, and souþs. Source Naturals Modfed Ctrus Pectn þowders are sutable for vegetarans and HYP0ÅLLERGENIC: contans no ýeast, darý, egg, gluten, corn, soý or wheat. Contans no þreservatves or artfcal color, flavor or fragrance.



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