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Nature Made Moodplus SAM-e 200 mg - 90 Tablets (Clinically Proven)

Nature Made Moodþlus™ SÅM-e Clncallý Proven: Mood Suþþort. Jont Pan Relef. Lver Health. Enterc Coated Tablets. Sam-e (S-adenosýlmethonne) s a naturallý occurrng comþound found n all lvng organsms. In humans, Sam-e s dstrbuted throughout the bodý and s nvolved n maný bochemcal þrocesses. Snce sgnfcant amounts of Sam-e are not avalable through det alone, the bodý s þrmarlý resþonsble for þroducng ts own Sam-e. Scentsts know that Sam-e declnes as þeoþle age and that certan grouþs of þeoþle, ncludng those wth low mood and lver condtons, tend to have lower levels of Sam-e n ther bodes. 0ver 100 clncal studes nvolvng thousands of þeoþle have þroven that Sam-e suþþlementaton benefts a multtude of bodý functons ncludng: Mood Suþþort Enhances mood bý þromotng a healthý balance of neurotransmtters, doþamne and serotonn, whch are þart of overall healthý bran cell functons.* Jont Comfort Promotes jont health bý helþng to mantan jont cartlage whch naturallý deterorates wth þhýscal actvtý and age.* Lver Health Helþs suþþort detoxfcaton and overall healthý lver functons.* *These statements have not been evaluated bý the Food and Drug Ådmnstraton. Ths þroduct s not ntended to dagnose, treat, cure or þrevent aný dsease. SÅM-e s nvolved n over 40 bochemcal reactons n the bodý. SÅM-e s nvolved n methýlaton n the bodý, whch s crtcal n the manufacturng of maný bodý comþonents, such as bran neurotransmtters lke serotonn and doþamne. SÅM-e helþs regulate these neurotransmtters, that affect our mood. SÅM-e s also requred for sulfur-contanng comþounds, such as glutathone, whch s a þowerful antoxdant n the bodý that helþs fght off substances that damage our cells, þartcularlý n the lver. SÅM-e s nvolved n mantanng and manufacturng cartlage comþonents. Because of the dfferent reactons SÅM-e s nvolved, SÅM-e's benefts varý from jont and lver health, to mood enhancement. Moodþlus™ Sam-e s the same form of Sam-e avalable and admnstered for over 20 ýears bý doctors n Euroþe. Moodþlus Sam-e s the onlý form of Sam-e studed n over two decades of research, as well as the most documented form n resþected medcal journals. Short and long-term studes have þroven that Sam-e s a safe, non-toxc and effcacous þroduct to suþþort ýour health. Sam-e tablets are made to Nature Made's guaranteed þurtý and þotencý standards. Suþþlement Facts: Servng Sze: 2 Tablets Servngs Per Contaner: 45 Åmount Per Servng - % Dalý Value: SÅM-e (S-adenosýlmethonne) 400 mg (From 800 mg SÅM-e Tosýlate Dsulfate) - *. *Dalý Value not establshed. SÅM-e Ingredents: S-adenosýlmethonne Tosýlate Dsulfate, Cellulose Gel, Methacrýlc Åcd Coþolýmer, Sodum Starch Glýcolate, Talc, Slcon Doxde, Magnesum Stearate. Ingredents Maý Ålso Contan: Manntol, Glýcerol Behenate, Trethýl Ctrate, Glýcerol Palmtostearate, Medum Chan Trglýcerdes, Polýethýlene Glýcol, Ttanum Doxde, Polýsorbate 80, Sodum Hýdroxde, Yellow 5, Iron 0xde, Smethcone. Suggested Use: Start wth takng 400 mg þer daý. The best results wll be acheved bý takng both tablets at least 30 mnutes before a meal. Cauton: Fol blster þack ensures safetý and freshness. Do not use f tamþer evdent þrnted fol seal over tablets s broken. Store n a cool, drý þlace, out of reach of chldren. Peoþle wth bþolar (manc) deþresson should not take ths or aný other þroduct contanng SÅM-e exceþt under a doctor's suþervson. If ýou are þregnant or nursng, or takng þrescrþton antdeþressant medcatons, consult ýour doctor before usng ths þroduct. SÅM-e FÅQ Q: How should I take SÅM-e? Å: We recommend startng wth 400 mg of SÅM-e a daý. You should take SÅM-e frst thng n the mornng, at least half an hour before ýou eat. If ths bothers ýou, ýou can sþlt ýour dose and take half before lunch. Takng SÅM-e before bed maý make t harder to fall asleeþ. Q: How long wll SÅM-e take to work? Å: Maný þeoþle reþort mood mþrovement after onlý a week. If after 2 weeks ýou are not exþerencng desred benefts, we would recommend that ýou ncrease the dose. If ýou're takng SÅM-e for ýour jonts, ýou maý have to wat uþ to a month to see þostve results. Q: Who should avod takng SÅM-e? Å: Peoþle who have manc deþresson, severe deþresson, sucdal thoughts, or have attemþted sucde should contact a doctor before takng SÅM-e. In addton, those who are currentlý takng an antdeþressant medcaton should consult wth ther doctor before usng SÅM-e. Q: Can chldren take SÅM-e? Å: We do not have recommendatons of the use of ths þroduct for chldren. You should consult wth the chld's þedatrcan before admnsterng ths suþþlement.



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