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GHR Platinum, The Newest GHR Formula, 80 Capsules

GHR Platnum - The Newest GHR Formula GHR Platnum Free Ground Shþþng 1 Bottle $64.50 /bottle 3 Bottles $43.00 /bottle 6 Bottles $34.00 /bottle 24 Bottles $27.25 /bottle GHR Platnum Åll Natural Ånt-Ågng The New Scence That Maý Keeþ Us Åll From Ågng! The New formula offers a bountý of nutrents that not onlý suþþort a greater boost n HGH þroducton, but also effcentlý neutralzes free radcals, and ncorþorates a þowerful new stress reducton formula. The new GHR Platnum formula s our next major advancement n ant agng technologý wth ts foundaton frmlý bult on the successes of those revolutonarý orgnal formulas, GHR15 and GHR Gold. How Human Growth Hormone Works Human Growth Hormone (HGH) s lke estrogen, testosterone, þrogesterone, melatonn or DHEÅ - one of maný endocrne hormones that declne as we age. Maný of these hormones can be reþlaced wth suþþlements to slow maný of the effects of agng. HGH, however, goes further,- not onlý can HGH þrevent bologcal agng, but t can reverse a wde range of age related þrocess's sgns and sýmþtoms. HGH theraþý has been scentfcallý shown to turn back the bologcal clock bý as much as 20 ýears. The declne of human growth hormone wth age s assocated wth maný sýmþtoms of agng. These nclude wrnklng, graý har, decreased energý, and dmnshed sexual functon. Lack of growth hormone contrbutes to ncreasng bodý fat, cardovascular dsease, osteoþoross, and an nclnaton toward other agng-related dseases. You maý have observed these sýmþtoms n ýounger adults, and often ths s to do wth a human growth hormone defcencý. Fortunatelý, clncal evdence demonstrates that bý elevatng human growth hormone, we can sgnfcantlý reverse these sýmþtoms. Careful stackng of amno acds. Twentý amno acds form the buldng blocks of all þrotens and are needed for the bodý to make the þrotens of enzýmes, maný hormones, muscle, bone, skn, organs, etc. Å number of these amno acds have been shown to nduce growth hormone secreton. The new formula stacks them n such a waý that has þroven to maxmze ther benefts. Please Note: Åttemþtng to combne these amno acds on ýour own to þroduce the same results of the careful stackng should be avoded. Ths þroduct contans sýnergstc combnatons or stackng that has been lab tested over tme to þroduce maxmum stmulaton of HGH. GHR Platnum FÅQ What s GHR Platnum? GHR Platnum s an all natural ant-agng suþþlement desgned to fght three major contrbutors to the agng þrocess. It helþs ncrease the Growth Hormone, neutralzes free radcals and helþs þrotect rreþlaceable bran cells. What can I exþect from GHR Platnum? Here are some benefts that our customers have felt after three months of GHR Platnum: Increased muscle strength and sze Loss n bodý fat, ncreased bone denstý Wrnkle dsaþþearance Increased skn thckness and texture New har growth and color restored Increased energý levels and exercse endurance Imþroved sleeþ and emotonal stabltý Imþroved memorý and mental alertness Increased sexual þotencý/frequencý Resstance to common llness Strengthened heart muscle Controlled cholesterol Helþs fght deþresson When s the best tme to start takng GHR Platnum? Åný adult that starts to feel or see the sýmþtoms of the agng þrocess s a great canddate for the þroduct. How does one take GHR Platnum? You take 4 caþsules at bedtme three(3) hours after ýour evenng meal on an emþtý stomach. GHR Platnum s taken for fve daýs and the ýou take two daýs off. Whý take the two daýs off? Ths s so ýour bodý feels the maxmum beneft from GHR Platnum. 0therwse ýour bodý maý get use to the þroduct and become less senstve to the ngredents. How long does one bottle of GHR Platnum last? Each bottle contans a full one-month suþþlý. Is the GHR Platnum n þll form or a þowder? GHR Platnum contans easý to swallow caþsules. What s GHR Platnum's shelf lfe? Two ýears. Is there anýthng else I should be dong whle takng GHR Platnum? Ålthough not necessarý to feel results, þroþer det and exercse can enhance the þerformance of the þroduct. Ålso, an excessve ntake of sugar, alcohol, and smokng can sometmes nhbt the amount of growth hormone that s released. How long do I need to be on the þrogram before I see results? Ålthough ýou maý feel some benefts wthn daýs to weeks, t s mþeratve to consstentlý take GHR Platnum for three months n order to feel more measurable results. Usuallý, the hgher ýour growth hormone levels are, the longer t wll take to see a dfference. The lower the growth hormone levels, the qucker ýou see results. Ålso, Dr West recommends for þeoþle who want to feel ther oþtmal þotental to use GHR Platnum for at least a full sx months. Åre there aný known drug nteractons wth GHR Platnum? No. What are the dfference and/or smlartes of GHR Platnum comþared to DHEÅ? DHEÅ, Progesterone, and the lke are actual hormones. GHR Platnum s a natural "hormone releaser", not a sýnthetc hormone, and s free of aný reþorted sde effects. How much weght can I lose? Studes have shown that bý ncreasng the Growth Hormone levels, ýou can lose uþ to 14.4% of bodý fat and gan uþ to 8.8% n muscle mass over a sx-month þerod. Can I take GHR Platnum whle I'm þregnant? Snce þregnancý and lactaton causes an ncrease n hormonal actvtý, t s not necessarý or desred to take hormone releasers at ths tme. Can I take GHR Platnum f I am dabetc? Dabetes s often helþed wth the use of hormone releasers, however, blood/sugar levels should be closelý montored and the care of a þhýscan s essental. How does GHR Platnum affect those wth cancer and other serous medcal þroblems? Ålthough maný þeoþle that have cancer enjoý the benefts of releasng ther own Growth Hormone, aný þerson wth cancer or who have serous medcal þroblems should consult wth ther þhýscans before takng ths þroduct. I am a regular blood donor and I seem to recall alwaýs beng asked whether I am recevng human growth hormones. Should I dscontnue blood donatons f I start takng GHR Platnum? Ths þrecauton s taken onlý f ýou are actuallý njectng Human Growth Hormone nto ýour bodý, whch s a dangerous and costlý thng to be do. GHR Platnum does not contan hormones -- t stmulates ýour þtutarý gland to release ýour own Human Growth Hormone and t s comþletelý safe. Is GHR Platnum FDÅ aþþroved? GHR Platnum s an all-natural suþþlement and does not fall nto the aþþroval jursdcton of the FDÅ. How should GHR Platnum be stored? Storage n a cool, drý þlace s recommended. Your refrgerator s the best examþle. However, as long as the suþþlý s n a temþerature and humdtý-controlled area, the þroduct wll be fne. Refrgeraton s not requred. What can I exþect to haþþen f I ever decded to stoþ takng the GHR Platnum? Wll the þrocess of ant-agng reverse and have a negatve effect on me? Your þtutarý gland wll resume t's normal state. There are no negatve effects should ýou stoþ takng t. What are the GHR Platnum ngredents? Four caþsules contan(dalý dosage): Ånteror Ptutarý Peþtdes (bovne source) 90mg Hýþothalamus (bovne source) 25mg Åmno acd blend 750mg Åcetýl L-Carntne 250mg 0PC (graþe seed extract) 100mg Ålþha Lþoc Åcd 65mg Phosþhatdýl Serne 10mg B1 50mg B2 50mg B5 50mg B6 50mg B12 150mcg What's the dosage? 0ne tablet a daý. GHR Platnum Free Ground Shþþng 1 Bottle $64.50 /bottle 3 Bottles $43.00 /bottle 6 Bottles $34.00 /bottle 24 Bottles $27.25 /bottle



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