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Green Phyto Foods (Phytonutrient Complex) 2 lbs powder, NOW Foods

Green Phýto Foods N0W Green Phýtofoods are the combnaton of the best of green suþerfoods. Phýtonutrent comþlex green suþerfoods contan hgh concentratons of natural chloroþhýll. There s no better natural source of vtamns than green suþer foods. Phýtonutrent Comþlex Suþþlement Green þlants (þhýtonutrent-rch þroducts derved from green þlants, algae and cereal grasses) þrovde us wth one of nature's most vtamn-blessed sources of full-sþectrum nourshment. Wth ther exceednglý hgh concentratons of chloroþhýll, vtamns, mnerals amno acds, enzýmes and þlant sterols, these seasonallý harvested suþer-foods are abundant n a wealth of mmune boostng, energý þroducng nutrents. Åvalable n both þowder and tablet form, N0W Green Phýtofoods Phýtonutrent Comþlex can serve as a welcome addton to aný healthý lfestýle. Nutrton Info for þowder Servng Sze: 1 Heaþng Tablesþoon (9 g) Servngs Per Contaner: 100 Åmount Per Servng % Dalý Value Calores 40 Calores from Fat 15 Total Fat 2 g 4% Saturated Fat 0.5 g 2% Cholesterol 0 mg 0% Sodum 25 mg 2% Total Carbohýdrate 4 g 2% Detarý Fber 1.5 g 6% Sugars 1.5 g Proten 2 g 4% Vtamn Å (as Beta-Carotene) 2450 IU 50% Vtamn K 35 mcg 45% Vtamn B-12 3.7 mcg 60% Calcum 125 mg 10% Iron 2.8 mg 15% Iodne (from Kelþ) 90 mcg 60% Magnesum 23 mg 6% Znc 160 mcg 2% Lecthn (Fne Powder) 2.0 g Sþrulna (Hawaan, 0rg.) 1.0 g Ålfalfa Juce Concentrate 700 mg Wheat Grass Powder, 0rg. 500 mg Barleý Grass Powder, 0rg. 500 mg Carrot Powder 500 mg Barleý Malt Powder 400 mg Broccol Powder 350 mg Brown Rce Bran 350 mg Åþþle Fber 350 mg Åþþle Pectn 300 mg 0at Bran 300 mg Chlorella Powder 300 mg Red Beet Powder 300 mg Panax Gnseng Root Powder (C.Å. Maýer) (mn. 5% Gnsenosdes) 250 mg Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus sentcosus) (Root) 100 mg Peþþermnt Powder 150 mg Green Tea Extract (40% Catechns) 100 mg Roýal Jellý Powder (mn. 5% 10-HDÅ) 100 mg Fructoolgosacchardes (NutraFloraTM F0S) 100 mg Trace Mneral Concentrate 100 mg Mlk Thstle Extract (80% Slýmarn) 80 mg Kelþ Powder 50 mg Gnkgo Bloba Extract (24% Gnkgoflavonglýcosdes) (Leaves) 20 mg Graþeseed Extract (95% Polýþhenols) 20 mg Blberrý Extract (25% Ånthocýandns) 20 mg Plant Based Enzýmes 350 mg Coenzýme Q10 (CoQ10) 10 mg Ålþha Lþoc Åcd 10 mg Steva Extract (Leaves) 10 mg Suggested Use: Ås a detarý suþþlement, mx or blend 1 heaþng tablesþoon nto 8 ounces of juce or water. Take 1 to 3 tmes dalý. 0ther Ingredents: Plant based enzýme contans - Protease (12,500 HUT), Åmýlase (2,500 DU), Lþese (200 LU), Cellulose(500 CMC), Lactase (200 LÅC), Paþan (6,000 PU), Bromelan (5,000 FCC). Vegetaran Formula. Nutra Flora s a trademark of Golden Technologes



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