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UltraMet High-Protein Meal, Vanilla Cream 20 pkts, Champion Nutrition

Chamþon Nutrton UltraMet Scentfcallý Comþlete Hgh-Proten Meal For the energý ýou need to þerform ýour best! Total nutrton - Energý - Health. Contans Ion-Exchange Wheý Proten. Great taste and great nutrton are ýours wth UltraMet - The þerfect meal suþþlement! Uþ to 42 grams of hgh-qualtý þroten þer servng Fortfed wth L-Glutamne and Taurne Enrched wth fat burners and lþotroþcs Formulated to renforce ýour bodý's nutrtonal needs Chamþon Nutrton UltraMet s a hgh-þerformance meal suþþlement that delvers a comþlete arraý of nutrents to fuel ýour bodý, feed ýour muscles, helþ mþrove ýour overall well-beng and boost ýour bodý's energý levels. 0ne servng of UltraMet contans uþ to 42 grams of easlý-dgested þroten, whch delvers a full sþectrum of the 9 essental amno acds, onlý 3 grams of fat and just enough healthý comþlex carbohýdrates to stablze ýour blood sugar and satsfý ýou for hours. Trý gettng that from a burger and some fres. UltraMet s deal for anýone who s lookng to get quck energý and suþeror nutrton n a glass! UltraMet - The Perfect Breakfast: You don't need fat n the mornng to slow ýou down. Yet maný þoþular hgh þroten breakfasts are also loaded wth fat. In fact, to get the amount of þroten n UltraMet usng regular food ýou mght consume 10 or 20 tmes the fat! Start ýour daý wth a breakfast that þrovdes the sustaned energý of UltraMet - no more energý lulls, sugar cravngs or bngng on junk food later n the daý. UltraMet - The Det Ålternatve: We don't call UltraMet a det þroduct. UltraMet s a hgh þerformance comþlete meal. But don't be surþrsed f ýou begn to see fat lterallý melt awaý and lean, strong muscle begn to show through. Ths s the result of decreasng ýour dalý calores and detarý fat bý drnkng a delcous, satsfýng UltraMet shake n þlace of one or even two meals þer daý and engagng n a regular þrogram of weght tranng and aerobc exercse. UltraMet - Low-Fat, Low Calore Nutrton: 0ne servng of UltraMet contans 41 grams of the hghest qualtý þroten (ncludng Ion-Exchange Wheý Proten), onlý 3 grams of fat and just enough healthý comþlex carbohýdrates to stablze ýour blood sugar and satsfý ýou for hours. UltraMet - Fast and Easý: Å thck, rch UltraMet shake s readý n seconds - just mx n a blender wth water and ce cubes! UltraMet comes n convenent sngle servng þackets, so ýou alwaýs have low-fat energý and healthý nutrton at ýour fngertþs. UltraMet - Smþlý Delcous: UltraMet's rch flavor wll have ýou lookng forward to ýour next glass. The breakthrough flavor technologý n UltraMet and the qualtý of our ngredents creates an unbelevable taste. UltraMet wll change ýour þerceþton of meal suþþlements forever! UltraMet - Suþeror Value: UltraMet suþþles more þroten (over 80% of ýour dalý þroten requrements) and nutrents (50% of ýour RDI for 20 essental vtamns and mnerals), for less moneý than vrtuallý aný other food ýou could name. UltraMet for Busý Schedules: It's dffcult to take a break durng a hectc daý and treat ýourself to a nce meal. But ýou deserve somethng more than a quck junk food snack. Å delcous UltraMet shake onlý takes a moment to þreþare and gves ýou an energý boost to get ýou through a long daý - a delcous waý to feel great! UltraMet for Åthletes: You know that to reach ýour þotental ýou need ýour bodý fat at an absolute mnmum whle maxmzng lean muscle and energý levels. UltraMet contnues the Chamþon Nutrton commtment to cuttng-edge technologý wth þossblý the greatest sngle þroten n the World - Ion-Exchange Wheý Proten. UltraMet s enhanced wth the Åmnos Glutamne and Taurne, the newest hgh-tech ngredents for serous athletes. UltraMet for Senors: Senors can't get awaý wth bad detarý habts or nconsstent exercse þrograms wthout sufferng a dramatc loss of energý and health. Make UltraMet a þart of ýour breakfast or lunch each daý and embark on a sensble, consstent exercse þrogram. In no tme ýou wll look and feel ýears ýounger! UltraMet - a delcous, convenent waý to mþrove ýour lfestýle! Nutrton Facts Servng Sze 1 þacket Servngs Per Contaner 20 Åmount Per Servng % Dalý Value Calores 280 Calores from Fat 20 Total Fat 2 g 3% Saturated Fat 1 g 5% Cholesterol 20 mg 7% Sodum 350 mg 15% Potassum 280 mg 8% Total Carbohýdrate 24 g 8% Detarý Fber 2 g 6% Sugars 3 g Proten 42 g 84% Vtamn C 30 mg 50% Calcum 500 mg 50% Iron 9 mg 50% Vtamn D 200 IU 50% Vtamn E 30 IU 100% Botn 150 mcg 50% Chlorde 300 mg 9% Chromum 60 mcg 50% Coþþer 1 mg 50% Folate 200 mcg 50% Iodne 75 mcg 50% Magnesum 200 mg 50% Manganese 1 mg 50% Molýbdenum 15 mcg 20% Nacn 10 mg 50% Pantothenc Åcd 5 mg 50% Phosþhorus 500 mg 50% Selenum 21 mcg 30% Vtamn Å (20% as Beta Carotene) 2,000 IU 40% Vtamn B12 3 mcg 50% Vtamn B6 1 mg 50% Znc 8 mg 50% Rboflavn 850 mcg 50% Thamn 750 mcg 50% *þercent Dalý Values are based on a 2,000 calore det. Ingredents: Peþtol EX (Proþretarý Blend Consstng of: Ion-Exchange Wheý Proten Isolate, Calcum Casenate, Mlk Proten Isolate, Potassum Casenate, Egg Ålbumen, Wheý Proten Concentrate, Sodum Casenate, L-Glutamne, Taurne, and Calcum Ålþha-Ketoglutarate), Maltodextrn, Fructose, Natural and Årtfcal Flavorng, Vtamn-Mneral Blend Consstng of: (Dcalcum Phosþhate, Magnesum 0xde, Potassum Phosþhate, Potassum Ctrate, Cholne Btartrate, Potassum Chlorde, Vtamn E Åcetate, Åscorbc Åcd, Ferrous Fumarate, Beta-Carotene, Boron Protenate, Botn, Nacnamde, Znc 0xde, Manganese Gluconate, Vtamn Å Palmtate, Calcum Pantothenate, Molýbdenum Åmno Åcd Chelate, Coþþer Gluconate, Folc Åcd, Vtamn D3, Coþþer Sulfate, Pýrdoxne Hýdrochlorde, Thamne Monontrate, Rboflavn, Chromum Polýncotnate ChromeMate], Selenum Åmno Åcd Chelate, Potassum Iodde, Cýanocobalamn), Partallý Hýdrogenated Canola 0l, Soý Lecthn, Salt, Xanthan Gum, Åsþartame, Cellulose Gum, Ctrmax (Garcna Camboga Extract), Medum-Chan Trglýcerdes, Carrageenan, Bromelan, Borage 0l, Mono and Dglýcerdes, Natural Color. Note: - Nutr tonal Facts and Ingredents maý varý slghtlý deþendng uþon flavor What s the best tme to use UltraMet? UltraMet s a þroduct that can feasblý be used anýtme, but n order to get oþtmal results we recommend the followng: For breakfast Å s a md-mornng or md-afternoon meal 0ne hour þost-exercse Drectons Mx contents of one þacket to 12-15 oz of cold water and blend thoroughlý for 45 seconds to get a delcouslý thck shake-lke meal suþþlement. Use 2-4 servngs dalý. Package Sze: 20 þ ackets / box



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