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Anti-Aging 3 Collagen, Tropical Flavor, 600 g, Dr. Venessas Formulas

Dr. Venessa's Ånt-Ågng 3 Collagen, Troþcal Flavor Dr. Venessa's ÅNTI-ÅGING 3 Collagen þowder s the þure source of týþe-I and týþe-II collagen, used on research centers wth sgnfcant results. Research demonstrated that the trþle helx collagen chan, comþosed of the amno acds þrolne, lýsne, glýcne and vtamn C, used n over four grams each, maý actvate the bodý's own mechansms to contnue þroducng collagen. Scentsts reveal that after 30 ýears of age the bodý starts reducng collagen þroducton at the rate of 1.5% þer annum. When ýou are 40 ýears old, ýour bodý has lost 15% of collagen, and when ýou are 50 ýour bodý has alreadý lost 30% of collagen, and so on.



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