Sunscreen And Vitamins

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Any one in their right minds these days will not be going out when the sun is shining strongly without a good layer of protection from one of the better sunscreen products. Sales of which recently have been at unprecedented levels following the searing heat levels and scorching conditions weve recently experienced in the USA. However, one problem with using sunscreens, unless theyre full on sun-blockers, is that you can end up with a blotchy and uneven tan – which is where sunscreens and vitamins touch base thanks to vitamin A.

Vitamin A and you.

Vitamin A is one of the vitamins essential to us all for continued good health. As well as taking a vitamin A supplement or even a multi-vitamin supplement containing vitamin A – it occurs naturally in foods such as fish, eggs and liver. However, if you dont eat those foods regularly – you really should;d be taking a vitamin A supplement of some sort. Vitamin A is important to us as it helps to prevent serious conditions such as blindness, is important to our reproductive cycles and is generally one of the body building vitamins. However, regarding your exposure to the sun and, therefore, sunscreens – it is one of the vitamins that helps to maintain your skin. With prolonged exposure to sunlight being known to damage skin cells, and in extreme cases to cause melanoma or skin cancers – keeping yourself topped up with vitamin A is a wise thing to do.

Vitamin A in sunscreens.

The value of vitamin A in protecting our skin is that important that many sunscreen products you can buy will include vitamin A in their preparation, so that as well as getting vitamin A into your body orally it is also absorbed directly through the skin from the sunscreen. This form of vitamin A, topical retinoids, are also known to assist in preventing any blotchiness of the skin when using sunscreens and to help reducing skin roughness and drying out due to the action of the sun. Whilst these are all good points regarding vitamin A in sunscreen products do be aware that, for some people, the over use of some sunscreen products containing vitamin A can casue skin defects and irritations. So, every now and then theres no harm in just covering up rather than using sunscreens every day.

Bet he wished he'd used a sunscreen all over!

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