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Every now and then you can read in the press about dangers associated with taking health and vitamin supplements. Whilst such reports may well raise legitimate concerns regarding the over use of supplements by and large for the many millions of people who take vitamin or health supplements, they do so in a perfectly safe way and are unlikely to come to any harm at all. However, here at vitaminsupplementer were keen to make sure you always get the best and balanced supplement guidance possible, so what should you be doing that makes good supplement sense.

Read the guidance.

Always follow the usage guidance.

When ever you buy health supplements and where ever you buy them from always check that there are usage guidance instructions either on the packaging or inside it. Having said that, some supplements do need to be bought in their raw or natural state, if so ask the supplier for the recommended usage details or at least consult a vitamin and health supplement expert as to what he recommended dosages are. Also, remember it is always a good idea to consult with your physician before taking any supplements; especially if you have a known pre-existing medical condition, including pregnancy and nursing. Finally, do listen to your own body when taking supplements. If you feel a supplement isnt agreeing with you reduce the dosage or stop taking it. Visiting your physician for a check up would be a good idea too. He or she might then be able to recommend a dosage more suitable to you or even recommend an alternative supplement or treatment for the condition causing you concern.

Its not just body builders that need to beware!

The common consensus is that its only body builders who are at risk from vitamin or health supplements but actually this is a myth and heres a coupe of examples to show its not just body builders that need to beware! Frequent long-haul fliers, especially business men and women, are known to use a 1mg to 3mg dose of melatonin to combat jet-lag. Melatonin has the ability to artificially raise the blood pressure and can lead to the user becoming easily fatigued and depressed. Abundant and popular with west coast Americans is the use of the seaweed kelp as a mineral and trace element supplement. Whilst it is rich in iodine to help combat thyroid problems, the overuse of kelp can actually cause thyroid problems! Also, being a blood thinner it should not be used in conjunction with aspirin or drugs to control hypertension.

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