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If you have inflamed and tender gums, chances are that you are suffering from one of the periodontal diseases known as gingivitis. In extreme cases periodontal diseases can give rise to an increased risk of serious illnesses like heart disease and diabetes; so taking some simple health supplements, along with an improved teeth cleaning regime, would surely make sense to anyone with tender and inflamed gums.

The causes of gingivitis.

Inflamed and tender gums - taking vitamin C can help.

Basically gingivitis is caused by not cleaning your teeth sufficiently well to prevent the build up of plaque and then tartar on your teeth. The problem with the plaque is that it acts as a depository for bacteria which as well as being bad for your teeth is very bad for your gums as, amongst other things, the bacteria in the plaque produces free radicals and other toxins that cause the inflammation. The inflamed gum then promotes the production of cytokines in your body to fight the inflammation, which unfortunately only helps the plaque to strengthen its grip on your teeth.

Controlling gingivitis.

Gingivitis occurs not only because some people neglect to clean their teeth altogether, but it can be due to people only brushing their teeth. Now that might sound a bit odd only brushing their teeth, but the fact is that plaque will build up between the teeth and where the teeth meet the gums. It is therefore essential that you brush the gum as well as the teeth and, in order to clean between the teeth, use floss and those special inter-dental brushes finishing off with a good quality anti-bacterial mouth rinse. Free radicals and oxidants arising from the bacteria are also part of the problem that can cause those painful gums, so you need to take some anti-oxidant health supplements as well. The simplest one to take is a vitamin C supplement. If you have sensitive teeth and gums a vitamin C supplement in tablet form is to be recommended over increasing your consumption of fruit or fruit juices which, although a good source of vitamin C, can cause further tooth decay and their acidity will make your tender gums quite painful. Vitamin C helps by being an anti-oxidant capable of removing the oxidizing free-radicals, it will also regulate the production of cytokine so that your body doesnt produce an excess of it.

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