Three Vitamin Shortages

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Did you know that there are three vitamin shortages in particular that your body could be suffering from? The three vitamins are the vitamin B complex, vitamin C and vitamin K none of which can be stored in your body; giving rise to a potential shortage of them. As these three vitamins cannot be stored in the body, it is essential to take vitamin supplements containing them, if you are at any sort of risk of not receiving your daily doses of them through the food that you consume.

Signs of vitamin B shortage.

No girls - eating cake’s no way to combat the three vitamin shortages!

No girls - eating cake’s no way to combat the three vitamin shortages!

A lack of vitamin B in your body can manifest itself in many ways as the vitamin B complex is actually 6 different vitamins. However, many of the vitamin B components are associated with the ability of the body to perform well overall so watch out for things like irritability, depression, poor sleep patterns and a general feeling of apathy or malaise. Several skin conditions are also associable with vitamin B deficiency such as sore cracks at the corners of the mouth and even the development of eczema. A general loss of appetite is quite common in people with a vitamin B shortage, which can be accompanied by tingling sensations in the feet, headaches, irritability and even nervous disorders.

Signs of vitamin C shortage.

Vitamin C, or Ascorbic acid, is well known for its role in maintaining connective tissue and repairing body damage. So a deficiency of vitamin C will reveal itself in the inability of the body to recover from simple cuts and wounds as well as pains in body joints. Other effects of a vitamin C shortage can include bleeding gums and poor sleep and mood patterns. As a general rule a lack of vitamin C will start to cause the body to deteriorate within 3 or 4 weeks.

Signs of vitamin K shortage.

A shortage of vitamin K in the diet will usually only have a detrimental effect on people with poor fat absorption, meaning anyone already suffering from Crohns disease or with a severe gallstone problem. A lack of vitamin K in such people is quite dangerous as it means their blood will not clot easily and raise the risk of hemophiliac should they cut or injure themselves.

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