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It looked like at last there was some good news for the vitamins and health supplements takers as the USDA has finally recognized that some health supplements and minerals are truly beneficial for people who, for whatever reason, are not getting sufficient doses of them through their regular diet.

Dietary guidelines.

Useless Supplements and Drugs Advice?

Under their dietary guidelines, which were published in 2010, the USDA has set down some recommended dosages for some of the commonly used vitamins and health supplements, such as minerals, so that every American can now determine whether or not they need to take any supplements to complement their diet. However, and unfortunately, they seem to have erred on the side of caution as the USANA has warned that many of the recommended dosages in the 112 page USDA report have been set too low leading to the possibility that some Americans may yet still be at risk of mineral and/or vitamin deficiency. Perhaps even more worryingly, the USDA seem only to be concerned about the levels of vitamins D and B12 along with Folic acid and the mineral iron. Useful as this is, when another recent report highlighted the low levels of vitamin D in American truck drivers, it still leaves vast areas of health supplement nutrition uncovered.

Other important supplements.

So, what is missing from the USDA recommendations. Well they clearly havent set out to write any detailed health supplement guidelines for body builders or fitness fanatics, nor even for those with illnesses causing vitamin and mineral deficiencies. However, the fact that such basic health supplements as vitamin E and minerals like calcium and zinc have been omitted is at least surprising, if not disappointing. So, if you are still concerned about the RDAs for vitamins and health supplements perhaps the USDA still isnt the place to look?

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