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Eat fast foods – you'll need some vitamin supplements.

Eat fast foods – you'll need some vitamin supplements.

In an ideal world wed all be able to lead peaceful lives, working at a pace that suits ourselves, for the hours that suit ourselves and at a minimum level of stress. Sadly, the truth is these days everyone is under pressure to show their boss how hard working they are and find themselves having to travel ever further and further to gain employment. Add to that the stress and pressures of looking after a home or raising a family – and its little wonder were not all gibbering wrecks. But wait, even then thats not enough for some commentators in the media who will cast you as the devil incarnate for not eating a diet of fruit, salad and beans. Just about the only way most of us can hope to find a bit of time for ourselves in the day is to eat fast food now and then, so what vitamins for fast foods might we benefit by?

Looking after the heart.

Any fast food eater should surely, by now, appreciate that fast foods are not good for the heart a primary reason for avoiding excessive consumption of fast foods. However, simply taking a daily dose of folic acid and vitamins B6 and B12 can help to counter the harmful effects of fast foods. Also recommended for protecting your heart is vitamin C, especially when taken in conjunction with the health supplement lysine, an amino acid – which is currently thought to be capable of opening up blocked arteries. Returning to the vitamin B12 supplement, as we get older it is also a good idea to take this vitamin supplement as with age it becomes more difficult for the stomach to absorb vitamin B12 from the stomach.


Its a fact that without the correct intake of all the vitamins wed soon end up malnourished and in a bad way. So, if you really are addicted to fast foods youll need more than just the vitamin supplements that will help to protect your heart. So, if youre only occasionally eating fresh fruit, fish, greens and salads then taking a daily multi-vitamin tablet is strongly recommended. This wont give you immunity form developing health related issues due to your poor diet – but it might at least help to give you time to address your over-consumption of fast foods.

NB. If whether due to your life-style or personal choice you find that you simply cannot avoid eating fast foods more than once a day, or even once or twice a week for some people, you really should seek expert advice on how to change your diet.

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