Winter Vacation Preparation

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Winter is upon us and if youre going away on vacation, perhaps for Christmas or the New Year – then what winter vacation preparations should you be making in terms of your health and vitamin supplement regime? In case you havent started thinking about this topic – here are some of the things you need to think about because were sure you dont want to spoil your winter vacation by going down ill whilst away.

Preparing for travel.

Don't fall ill on vacation – be prepared.

Don't fall ill on vacation – be prepared.

For some people traveling even a short distance can bring on motion sickness, let alone having to sit for several hours in a plane or on a car journey across the States. The first health supplement to try, for dealing with motion sickness, is to be used before setting off – and is drinking peppermint or chamomile tea preparations to calm your nerves and stomach. If that makes you feel better, you could also take a few drops of peppermint oil on a handkerchief to inhale on the journey too. Also, whilst on the journey, some people find sucking peppermint or crystallized ginger candies will help – but watch out for how many you have, as all that sugar isnt good for your teeth or gums. If youre going on a long flight, deep vein thrombosis is a potentially lethal problem and if especially, if flying east to west perhaps to go vacationing in Hawaii – jet lag can be very debilitating. To reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis taking regular walks up and down the plane aisle and keeping yourself hydrated will help. If suitable to you take an aspirin to thin the blood or try vitamin E supplements if your doctor agrees. As for jet lag, after checking with your doctor try a melatonin supplement, which is available without prescription in the USA.

Looking after your stomach.

Going on vacation to some countries can mean eating food youre not used to and drinking water thats, well, perhaps not as good as back home. You can prepare your stomach for your vacation and look after it whilst away with these simple health supplements. As your stomach naturally contains bacteria you can help prepare it for your vacation by topping up the good bacteria with pro-biotic yoghurts, which will mean that your stomach can then better deal with any bad bacteria from strange/foreign food. When out there, prior to eating, take grapefruit seed extract – which is a powerful anti-bacterial, fungal and parasitic agent. Alternatively, line your stomach with silicol gel before eating, which will create a protective membrane to bind any harmful bacteria or viruses you may consume. If the idea of silicol gel isnt to your liking, try a tincture of Tormentil Complex instead which is great for dealing with diarrhea.

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