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No matter what the time of year is, the common cold can be one of the most debilitating illnesses we get. OK, so it might not lay you low enough to need to take time off work but it can make you feel lethargic, congested, with a sore throat and, worst of all, leave you with a thundering headache. The medical world seems divided on whether there can ever be a cure for the common cold but it looks like the humble mineral supplement zinc could well be an effective treatment for the common cold.

The common cold.

The common cold is a virus infection that, on average, adults can expect to be affected by at least twice a year. The common cold is passed from person-to-person not just through coughs and sneezes but you can even pick it up by touching a surface that has been contaminated with the virus. In other words, its pretty well impossible to avoid contact with the virus so how can you protect yourself from its worst effects?

Zinc to the rescue!

The common cold can make you feel quite awful.

The common cold can make you feel quite awful.

Research coming out of the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine Education Chandigarth, India, claims to have seen significant evidence that taking a zinc syrup or zinc tablets within 24 hours of developing the symptoms of the common cold can reduce the common cold symptoms experienced by the infected person. Furthermore, compared to a control group taking a placebo, sufferers taking a zinc preparation were clear of all common cold symptoms within a few days whilst the control group carried on suffering with their symptoms. A problem for this potential cure at the moment is that the groups using the zinc preparations reported unpleasant after-tastes in their mouth from the zinc. Whilst this problem can be overcome by refining and adding to the preparations, the potentially toxic effects of prolonged over use of zinc will require addressing; in the event that people were to use a zinc common cold cure when it wasnt actually needed.

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